Tribu-te Show 2017

Gadszooks! The Tribu-te show 2017 was a thrilling end to our weekend at Salon International. More than 900 audience in the super-swish Novello Theatre in London’s West End were entertained by a fantastic roster of artists for the show presented by Tribu-te Magazine. We were thrilled to see HairClubLive members so much in evidence, with a crew from Sean Hanna /Skyler London supporting Skyler McDonald, as well as Trevor Sorbie art team headed up by our man Tom Connell. And big up to Hooker & Young who closed the show with a fantastic display of skill – working three looks each on two models in just 20 minutes on stage. Loved seeing Kevin Murphy and Spanish team X-Presion also. We hear that HCL member Tammy Reynolds was invaluable as a support backstage…. Bravo to all for an amazing night.

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