A new Studio in town!

Beyond excited to hear that our premium member, Darrel Starkey-Geltings has come up with an amazing and super inspiring project during isolation! He just converted his garage to a studio where he will be doing Insta Lives and all kind of educational content online. Cool, right?

The story

Darrel was devastated when he had to close his salon, Taylors Hair studio for the lockdown on the 24th of March, like everyone else. HCL encouraged premium members to go strong on social media, keep in touch with clients and do Instagram lives

Darrel went from strength to strength and found a positive side to the current situation. After making some live home videos on the gram, he saw a good exposure and had lots of interaction. So, he decided to go further.

Now he has created an educational space in his former garage where he will be producing content not only for his salon and clients but also for  brands he collaborates with. The studio is looking amazing, with bright colours and salon-look corners. So grammable!

”The new Studio was designed when I started creating how-to videos in my conservatory for clients and for my Instagram followers”, Darrel says. ”After a very successful week of videos and the exposure they gained, the idea of converting the garage popped up in conversation with myself and partner. The shapes were my partner’s idea but I insisted on using the salon brand colours. I then went to my salon and grabbed lots of different items to use in the studio.”

”With the room we are able to create high quality video content and look more professional while doing Lives online.  I’ve now been given the opportunity from a few brands to create content for them in the studio-room, including Concept Hair, Denman & Pro Care. Also doing a weekly live every Monday on Instagram with Nicola Hamm discussing all things ASP Affinage Salon Professional.” Love it, good job, Darrel!

But, as he says, this is not just a temporary situation. Basically, this studio that was ‘built’ under the worst circumstances for our industry, is going to be his proper shoot studio from now on. ”In the future, I will continue to do lives and free how-to videos from the studio after we return to work. And I have plans to shoot a collection against the backdrop with a good industry friend” he adds.





A truly inspiring story showing us that there is hope and a positive way to look at things, even now. Thank you, Darrel!