A personal message

#HairClubLive’s Nicky Pope

To all our HairClubLive members and supporters...

All of us at HCL are truly devastated at the awful news of Corona Virus (Covid 19) now being such a big problem in the UK. We understand how bewildering this feels, and whether you’re part of a large company, a small team, or working alone, your everyday life has changed dramatically.

Each day seems to bring more anxiety and worry. Try not to feel alone – we stand with you and will do all we can to support you. Our industry and our hairdressing community is strong and brave and we know that if anyone can survive and come back bigger and better.. it is hairdressing! My team and I send you best wishes and hope you can keep safe, and well, and positive in outlook.


Be kind to others and to yourselves. Take time to absorb what is happening – it’s important to talk, to share and not to feel alone. This will pass…

Here on line and our platforms on Instagram and Facebook, we will express our unity and our love for each other. Be free to send us your thoughts, ideas and stories. Email us or tag us. It’s never been more important to be TOGETHER

Love from Nicky Pope with Mike, Justine and Renee xx

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