AIPP Trophy Finalists 2019-2020

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Yay for a slew of Brit hairdressers who are on the just-released list of finalists for the AIPP Trophy 2019 – especially Hairclublive members Sylvestre Finold and Steven Smart! Oh yes, and tons of our honorary members and friends including Desmond Murray, Angelo Seminara and D&J Ambrose.

Sylvestre Finold

Sylvestre Finold at #OpenChairNIght

AIPP Trophy Finalists

One of the biggest international trophy competitions is the AIPP annual event – inviting entrants from all over the world to be judged by the trade press. This really is quite a rigorous contest and to get onto the finalist list is really something. There are several categories including one for video – which is so worth following, with winners in each being announced on stage at the Alternative Hair Show in London next week (October 6th), and an overall winner chosen in Spring 2020 and announced at Cosmoprof, we believe.


Image by Steven Smart

We’re super-happy to see Steven Smart and Sylvester Finold make it onto the global awards scene… way to go guys!
It takes a lot of work and finesse, guts and talent to get noticed. We’ll be watching during Salon International weekend for news and keeping it all crossed for you.

So for the rest, who’s in it? Check out this list below… with particular attention to the UK obvs (you’ll see why we’re so happy for our guys when you notice the company they’re keeping)….

Adam Ciaccia (Australia) • Aline Legoupil (France) • Andy Heasman & Tina Farey @ Rush Hair (UK)
Candice McKay (South Africa) • David Baehr (France) • Desmond Murray (UK) • Gianluca Caruso @ Toni&Guy (Italy) • Gonzalo Zarauza (Spain) • Indira Schauwecker @ Toni&Guy (UK) • Joeri Rouffa @ Androgyn (Belgium) • Juliette den Ouden (Netherlands) • Krysia Eddery (UK) • Loic Masurel (France) • Mark Leeson (UK) • Philipp Haug @ Toni&Guy (UK) • Pierre Ginsburg (France) • Richi Grisillo (Australia) • Rizos (Spain) • Steven Smart (UK) • Viktoriia Vradii (Ukraine)

Ahma & Rainbow Salon (Hong Kong) • Angelo Seminara (UK) • Danny Pato (New Zealand) • Elvin Soh Cha Seng (Malaysia) • Emilio Carrillo (Spain) • Florent Debruxelles (France) • Ismahan Obenali (Netherlands)
Keith Harris (UK)• Kobi Bokshish (Australia) • Manuel Mon (Spain) • Mark Leeson (UK) • Mayte Garrote & Olga García (Spain) • Nancy Martens @ Avanti Kappers (Netherlands) • Petra Mechurova (Czech Republic) • Sam James (Australia) • Silas Tsang (Canada) • Sylvestre Finold (UK) • Tang Wei @ Flux Hair (Taiwan) •  Tsiknaris Hair (Australia) • Uros Mikic (Australia)

Chang Hsin-Wen @ Visavis (Taiwan) • Christos Michailidis (Greece) • Chrystofer Benson (USA) • Genia Church (USA) • Gina Conway (UK) • Huub Eysink (Netherlands) • Ine Rooijakkers @ Avanti Kappers (Netherlands) • Inge Eichhorn @ Create Hair (Netherlands) • Ismahan Obenali (Netherlands) • Joe Habbaki @ Toni&Guy (Australia) •Joffrey Conings @ Androgyn (Belgium) • Kristie Kesic @ Stelios Papas (Australia)
Lisa Graham & Joseph l’Anson @ Mark Leeson (UK) • Loic Masurel (France) • Matteo Susini @ Loft Parrucchieri (Italy) • Shaun Hall & Mark Leeson (UK) • SK Style Barcelona (Spain) • Steven Smart (UK) • Tsiknaris Hair (Australia) • X-Presion (Spain)

Andrea Giles & Terri Kay @ Mark Leeson (UK) • Andrew Smith (UK) • Antonio Calvo & Pedro Muñoz (Spain)•Arjan Bevers @ Avanti Kappers (Netherlands) • Barber Beltrán (Spain) • Cédric Valentin (France) • Daniel Gallego (Spain) • Eirik Thorsen @ Adam og Eva (Norway) • Jim Shaw @ Essensuals Men (UK) • Joeri Rouffa @ Androgyn (Belgium) • Jose Boix @ Toni&Guy (Spain)• Jose Salvador @ Makeover (Spain) • Juliette den Ouden (Netherlands) • Klaus Peter Ochs (Germany) • Landry Agres (Spain) • Olga Garcia (Spain) • Paco Lopez (Spain) • Ross Charles (UK) • Shah Hosseinpour @ HD ColorHouse (Netherlands) • Tom White @ Rubi Hair (Australia)

Bert de Zeeuw (Netherlands) • Bianca van Zwieten (Netherlands) • Candice McKay (South Africa) • Carol Bruguera (Spain) • Christophe Gaillet (France) • D&J Ambrose (UK) • Danny Pato (New Zealand) • De Sancho (Spain) • Hairkrone (Spain) • Kobi Bokshish (Australia) • Mekka Academy (Canada) • Miguel Estelrich @ Intercoiffure (Brasil) • Pierre Ginsburg (France) • Shy+Flo (Switzerland) • Tetyana Aleks (Austria) •Toni&Guy (UK) • Tsiknaris Hair (Australia) • Vita Hair Design (Taiwan) • Vivienne Mackinder (USA) • XXL Team (Spain)



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