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We’re loving the mens trends for AW19 which continues to see the short short fades growing out into longer looks, but still with the same attention to detail. Now when we say detail, we mean individuality obvs!

Boys on trend

BarberologyLuckily for us we have great advisors on what’s happening trend-wise ie YOU LOT! For example, the chaps at Barberology have been giving us notes on the current season’s looks for men. Based in the Midlands, with two barber shops in Birmingham, they’ve been watching the style barometer. Now they cite the longer styles at the Christopher Raeburn show for direction: long styles crafted into intricate French braids and when with colourful ribbons…. yikes, not sure how your clients will go with that? How about the Iceberg show where long hair extensions were straightened and paired with logo-branded, ski-wear inspired headbands? Well, okay, don’t copy but go with the vibe, ie the individuality expressed in the looks. “This season it’s all about carefully stylised lengths,” says Barberology. “Street-style inspired the long dreads piled high against an undercut.” See how they’ve turned this into a more accessible wearable look in their collection below and read on…: 

Another big trend is ‘touchable waves and tactile texture. Hair that someone will want to run their fingers through… loving it! it’s an evolution of the last season’s 90s styles into something more edgy and less androgynous perhaps.

Then you’ve got fringes .. think a side-sweep and deep side-part as one option. Or go for ‘Baby bangs’ – a la Fendi in the SS19 show, where fringes were blunt and heavy, but now cut super high. Baberology advise: “The key to nailing this look is in the bluntness and the length of the fringe – it should sit at least two inches above the brows, and even higher if the client has a deep forehead. Keep a little length on the crown and the sides significantly shorter, for maximum contrast.”

THANKS guys! If you’ve got hair trends to share, then do send them in! Email:


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