”Change is good…”

An amazing and inspiring story of one of our premium members just came through and we couldn’t wait to share with the rest of you! It’s Becky Sutherland’s new salon preparation story (@beckylushhair) and everything that comes with it. As many of you hairdressers may be in a similar situation and feeling frustrated atm, use this one as a motivation and a chance to bring some positivity in.

Before all the madness hit and lockdown happened, Becky, owner of Lush hair salon in Durham, was in the process of getting a bigger salon: ”I wanted to expand and set out plans for my future which hopefully includes an education centre. I was so excited about relocating and moving Lush to bigger premises. I was looking for a team of stylists to work alongside me; then boom! Lockdown happened. I had a mix of emotions. I was worried about not getting the keys, I was worried about money. I had already handed my notice in for Lush. I can honestly say I panicked. I was worried for my family and for my business, everything seemed to be out of my control and that’s not a nice feeling” Becky says.

But she did’t get lost in this. She started looking at things in a more positive way and has been making the most out of her isolation time to prepare herself for reopening.

”Over the last couple of weeks I started to think more positive. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I emptied my old salon; I let everyone know I was moving and created a buzz around the new salon. I had to think of the future and that some day soon lock down would be lifted and I could get back to work. Through all of this I have found some amazing hairstylists to work alongside me now. Obviously we can’t meet up and talk, but Zoom has become my best friend! I’ve made new friends and some fantastic new contacts. I hope for the future things to go back to normal and the new salon can grow.’‘ Yes, Becky, that’s the best way to see it!


”My team are fantastic; we are in touch every day, I always ring them with ideas, so do they. They are taking this time to learn new things and to grow themselves” she adds. ”I’ve also enjoyed being off work spending time with family, learning new things, growing as a person and having a chance to sit down and work on my business more; to get things ready for the day we are allowed back to work. It’s never easy opening a new salon and having the anxiety of moving your business you have worked so hard on. But sometimes the world throws us a curve ball and we just have to go with it and hope for the best.” We couldn’t agree more!

”This has been a very trying time with lots of ups and downs during the last couple of months. I’ve gone a lot bigger than my previous salon and that scares the life out of me; but if you want to go further in your career you can’t sit still- change is good.”

Yes, change is scary but is good, and we are wishing you the best of luck with your new plans, Becky, we are 100% sure that you will smash it! And we can’t thank you enough for motivating us.