Ben Madle talks taking the #OCN stage

#OpenChairNight veteran, premium HCL member, award-winning hair stylist and natural hair care brand founder Ben Madle has told us his top tips for taking the #OCN stage. Check ’em out:

Make the most of the 10 mins:
It’s all about planning! Plan what you are going to do and if at all possible have a practice run before to get your timings and feel comfortable with what you’re going to be doing. Plan what you’re going to say at the end, too. 

Enjoy the moment: 
Just do what you want to do and do it for yourself. There aren’t many opportunities to get up on stage and do exactly what you want with hair for 10 minutes, so make the most of it.

Best Memory:
The second event sat the barfly in Camden was really special. Thats where I felt the whole HairClubLive and #OpenChairNight came alive. The place was as full as I’d ever seen it…there was some great hair being done and it just felt like the start of something very special for the industry. 

P.S. If you haven’t signed up to perform yet, you can snap up one of the remaining slots by emailing, and get tickets here:

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