Ben’s big adventure

Ben Russell

Ben Russell with model

We spotted a familiar name on the credits for the Australian FAME team’s latest release: Ben Russell, one of the first sign ups to HairClubLive a few years back! Yep, our man’s made a move to the big island of Oz, down under, and is working with one of hairdressing’s heroes, Frank Apostolopoulous at Biba Salon. Wowser… Ben’s building on his career foundations in London with the likes of Sassoon, and is bringing a bit of Brit-astic cool to the Australian scene. We’re loving this collection and sending Ben our best wishes… looks like the boy’s doing good!

• collection credits: Hair by the Australian FAME Team including: Ben Russell, Elizabeth Shedwick, Shantelle Neate, Tiffany Decaux. Make-up: Amelia Loucas @ameliabibagertrudest . Styling: Jayden Trifunovic/ Gustavo Pallacios. Photography:  Monica Buscarino