Build your ‘Virtual Salon Community’

Whilst our salons are closed and we are all in isolation, it is a great time to #stayconnected with your loyal clients who will be super worried and stressed these days.

It is vital to retain your relationships with them going forward in this uncertain time. Don’t forget, we build our brands on trust, honesty, transparency and loyalty.

We gathered some tips for you in order to help you stay in touch with them on social media.
  • Set up a regular weekly Instagram / Facebook live session with your database of clients to stay in touch with them during the next few weeks of isolation. A trusted hairdresser is key to keeping your brand /salon identity alive. Share amongst the salon team. Take advantage of what our ‘virtual world’ has to offer and all the platforms available to show YOU (your face/brand/identity)
  • Focus on what you can do to be a part of this online movement. Show you care about your clients when they can’t get to you at the salon. Give them tips and answer questions like: ‘What should they do when their roots are coming through?’’ What should they do when their fringe is growing out?’’How often should they wash their hair?’ etc.
  • You can address all of these on your live session and set a focus for session 2. Set a date and time each week and stick to it, schedule it in your diary as if it is a salon appointment, allow yourself 30/1 hour per session for any Q&A’s your clientele may have.
  • Make sure you have pre-prepared some advice to kick the live session off. Have some notes and content with you; it helps a lot! We know, not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera. But, don’t worry, mistakes and small pauses are okay.
  • Encourage your team members to create short demo videos for your salon stories and share them on the salon Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • Set a weekly team focus. Keep your team interactive. A regular team meeting is vital to keep the spirits high- set yourselves up on Zoom communications, Skype, WhatsApp group chats on frequent pre- planned days and times.
  • Ask your clients to send you a one-line review and selfie so you can start to building a ‘virtual salon community’ on your stories. Use a hashtag like #stayconnected
Be yourself, be friendly and show how much you care for your community, show them you are here. We are all in it together #strongertogether
You could offer different sessions for clients with – Frizzy hair, Greasy hair, Split ends, Dandruff, Thin hair, Limp hair, Flaky scalp, Hair loss, Afro hair, Dry hair, Coloured hair and Curly hair.
Make sure you get up to date with the most recent techniques and go for it.
General maintenance of the hair – Hair should be washed on average every third day, washing too frequently can cause the scalp oil glands to work overtime to compensate for the loss of natural oils and the hair can become greasy.
Embrace your natural texture – Encourage clients to allow their hair to dry naturally, this will encourage the oils we need to keep a balanced scalp.
Brush and comb maintenance – Wash regularly in hot, soapy water and place face down to naturally dry.
Hair loss – Losing 100-200 hairs daily is normal and nothing to be alarmed about
Diet – A balanced diet rich in protein, fresh fruit and vegetables paves the way to general health of the hair
Offer advice for a hair mask – Slather on a hair mask or good conditioner for an intensive treatment, wrap your hair in cling film and leave for approx. 10-20mins. The heat from your body will heighten the power of the conditioning treatment.
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