Clubstar rock London

Stuart Kimber for ClubSatar

Stuart Kimber for ClubStar

Great to see HairClubLive members doing so well with the ClubStar programme this year, including Jemma Clemas @Seckingtons Hair Salon, Georgina Kemnitz-Pryor @Karoliina Saunders Hair Design, and Stuart Kimber @ Spargo Hairdressing. Congrats to our HCL friend Team Leader Simon Tuckwell who is keeping it all on track! We love following their progress…

Clubstar in London


Jemma Clemas model for Clubstar

To explain: each year, the ClubStar Art Team is selected from Fellowship salons across the country, with the chosen 8 team members meeting each month in London for education, mentoring and opportunities. Our man Simon supervises, and recently hosted a team presentation evening to showcase how his charges are doing, giving them the theme of London and its diverse fashion tribes to  style a model representing what they’ve learnt on their year so far. Love it!

Among the 2019 team we spot HCL member Stuart Kimber – see above for a fab choppy, lilac and pink mullet inspired by Shoreditch. There were also guest spots including from Evangeline Barrett, an HCL member and former ClubStar student – see left.

Way to go team… enjoy the rest of the year and keep sending us the pictures!

Models at Clubstar by Brooke Evans