Colour coup

We’re really admiring of campaigning hairdressers – passion extending beyond creativity to raising standards, ethics and expectations for our industry. Hair Club Live top gun Jack Howard SRH is such a game-changer. An expert colourist, by Autumn last year he expressed real alarm at the introduction of a new genre of colour additives being marketing by big brands here and abroad. Such products promise to protect the condition of the hair during the colour process, often regardless of which colour products  you use. The problem being that straying from the colour manufacturers instructions, ie by adding in a third party product, could leave you stranded if there was a problem. Working with the Hair Council and the Hair & Beauty Suppliers Association, together with Just Hair Insurance, Jack was determined to find a solution that will keep salons and technicians protected when using the additives. Success! Following extensive research, due diligence and direct engagement wtih leading brand Innoluxe, Just Hair have confirmed they will now approve cover for freelancers and salons using the colour additive service.
Gary Crowder, account director at Just Hair Insurance said: “I’m grateful to Jack Howard, celebrity hair colourist and educator, for proactively raising this issue and to the many other industry players who helped to find a solution. The collective approach has given salons and stylists clarity, peace of mind and ultimately insurance protection.”
Go Jack! We’re proud of you.
NB we’re only aware of Just Hair Insurance offering this cover so do talk to them, or check with your existing insurance provider to ensure you are protected.


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