Cycle challenge for HEADMASTERS

Andrew Barton

We know you’re a good-hearted lot and the team at Headmasters are on it when it comes to raising money for charity – starting with the top bods


Andrew BartonYep! Creative Director of Headmasters and celeb hairdresser Andrew Barton (one of our great friends) and the Headmasters board John Sanders, Tim Binnington, Mark Foster and Mike Taylor (all pictured here), don’t just look good in the cycling gear, they’re using it to full effect. A London to Amsterdam cycle challenge from 19-23 June is their mission in order to raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust. They’ll be notching up 360 miles over four days which takes them through fab scenery, but will be gruelling, for sure. Teenage Cancer Trust is a charity Headmasters is really committed and in the last 4 years Headmasters have raised over £100,000, they are the only UK charity that provide specialised nursing care to young people with cancer. Bravo to all who help with this and we’re full of respect for the team taking on the challenge. If you would like to support please use their Just Giving Page via the below link.

Andrew Barton says, “I’ve run ten marathons for charity over the last decade and training for events and general fitness is a part of my daily schedule so the challenge to prepare for the ride is motivational in itself but the fact that the directors and I are riding together and taking in the challenge is pretty awesome. Amsterdam here we come!”

Amanda Hetherington, Teenage Cancer Trust Regional Fundraiser explains “We are so excited that the team from Headmasters are taking part in our London to Amsterdam bike ride. It is such a fantastic way to celebrate 4 years of support from the company and their incredible achievement of raising over £100,000 to support young cancer patients and their families. The money raised by this challenge will make a huge difference to the work we are doing to ensure that we reach every young person with cancer, no matter where they live. We are very grateful to everyone at Headmasters for their continued dedication and support.”