Extensions exclusive!

We all know how important it is to ensure standards of safety and quality are kept high in this industry. The good news is, Remi Cachet are doing just that with their high-quality hair and experienced extensionists!
They had a super exciting announcement to make when we hung out with them at the uber cool Hoxton Hotel in Holborn recently…Founder Victoria Lynch proudly revealed the brand’s latest range: Exclusive by Remi Cachet. The line, which uses only the highest grade, Temple-sourced Indian hair, will be solely available to their super stylists. The Super Stylists are a super-select group of experienced extensionists, approved by the brand for excellence in extension application.
We loved getting up close and personal with the gorgeous hair and were happy to hear Victoria’s safety and quality conscious approach to extensions. The Super Stylists were just as impressed…Super Stylist Abigal Nicholls says: “The Exclusive Range is the most beautiful Indian hair I’ve ever got my hands on…. the natural wave and quality of this hair is simply stunning. It’s an honour to be one of the SuperStylists in the UK to exclusively be able to offer this range.”
Remi Cachet founder, Victoria Lynch says: “It was so hard to keep the new product completely under wraps until the big reveal and we asked journalists and event the Super Stylists that attended to wait another day before we officially launched, so that other Super Stylists could be made aware.”

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