Fellowship Teams Open for Entry!

Project X


The Fellowship for British Hairdressing is shouting out for applicants on three of their awesome mentoring programmes… and we think you should all give it consideration. Joining in these opportunities can really open doors and help you grow your career super-fast.

So what’s the potential? Read on:

The Colour Project and Project X teams are both now open for 2020 entries AND so is PROJECT: Man  (the new name for the Barber Project). A place on any team is a transformative experience for any hairdresser, with an enviable calendar of events, education and opportunities. Here’s the specifics:

The Colour Project

This is what the Fellowship has to say: Being part of the Colour Project provides an incredible opportunity for colourists seeking to grow their career, with 12 months of mentoring, education, events and opportunities. Over the course of a year, a stellar lineup of leading colourists provide up-close and personal education, allowing team members to benefit from insightful tips and advice to take their colouring skills to a new level and boost their salon turnover. The Colour Project also incorporates live events, stage time and a photoshoot; with this year’s shoot, mentored by Robert Eaton, achieving magazine front covers and coverage in industry magazines across the globe.

For 2020, the team will be led by a new pair of hands – Angelo Vallillo. Now owner of the acclaimed DNA Art Space hybrid salon studio, Angelo will be bringing an award-winning combination of salon and session experience to the team.

Project X

The invitation to join the Fellowship Project X is seductive! Areas covered during the Project X year include media awareness, training your eye, session work, presentation skills and show work. A photoshoots with a top photographer, directed by a legendary hairdresser is also included. The 2019 team’s year was action-packed with education days from: Edward Hemmings, HAIRDOTCOM, the Sassoon Academy, Ashley Gamble, Robert Masciave, Bruno Marc, Angelo Vallillo and Sam Burnett.


Initially launched as the Barber Project, the new-look program is now called PROJECT: Man and promises to include even more insight and expertise into all aspects of men’s hairdressing, barbering and shaving.

Topics covered over the 12-month period include switching from hairdresser to barber, barbering trends, long and short cuts, clipper work, blends and skin fades, beard grooming and shaping and working with diverse textures. The team also gained insight into photoshoot work and stage presentations, with a debut appearance as a team live at Salon International.

PROJECT: Man 2020 will include a similar calendar of insightful mentoring days and opportunities, perfect for furthering technical skills, gaining confidence and boosting salon business. Team Leader Jonathan Andrew says: “I am honoured to become project leader for PROJECT: Man. Men’s hair is something I am very passionate about and there are countless incredible avenues to explore from the salon to the stage. This is going to be a jam-packed year full of things I only wish I could have had when I was starting out.”

To find out more about applying for either team, visit www.fellowshiphair.com

We’re not sure of the closing date but think it’s about 20 November, so don’t leave it too long to investigate!



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