Makeover your model with Go Gorgeous

Good news! We’ve collaborated with Elite beauty artist agency, Go Gorgeous London so that you can have your have your model’s makeup done by the professionals, for free! So if you’re presenting your ‘hair story’ with us at ProHair Live, you can head to the Go Gorgeous pop up backstage and have them makeover your model.

If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, on Monday 27 Feb, we’ll be taking over the Diamond Stage at ProHair Live. We will be giving you a platform to present your signature look and tell your hair story to the crowd and hosting a taster session of the ever-popular #OpenChairNight. If you’re interested in performing, book one of the last three slots in the OpenChairNight session by emailing

If you’re presenting your hair story and you’d like to utilise the Go Gorgeous teams’ makeup magic, please email today. Check out some of their (Go) Gorgeous work below:



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