Big news! Our friends at Rush Hair have collaborated with Girls V Cancer to support and connect with those who have suffered with cancer. Founder of Girls V Cancer, Laura Mahon who is a breast cancer survivor, has set up this organisation to provide a platform for others. She aims to offer support and guidance through the adversities cancer patients face. Lauren and her team want to open conversations and change people’s perceptions.

Collaborating with the Rush team, Education Director Paola Pinto has set up photographic shoots and campaigns. They plan to release two campaigns each year together. So keep your eyes peeled for them!

Education Director, Paola Pinto commented, “To be a part of this incredible movement with Lauren is an honour. Both Lauren and her team are a true inspiration and are establishing a great community network for those affected by cancer. On each campaign we are so lucky to meet some amazing people and making them feel good about themselves is something I am truly honoured to be a part off.”

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