Glamour in Edinburgh

Gary Sommerville, L’Oreal; Jules Faulkner, L’Oreal, Jason Miller, India Miller, Josh Miller, Charlie Miller; Gemma Fisher and Kevin Blyth, Kerastase; Ian Blyth, Charlie Miller

Banishing all thought of Winter grey, a thrilling evening for the team at Charlie Miller salon for the 19th edition of the salon group’s annual awards. Yep, dolled up to the nines, the girls and boys of CM Salons – all 110 of them actually – rocked up to join founders Charlie and Janet Miller at the Kimpton Hotel in the centre of the Scottish capital, Edinburgh. A lively lot – well, most of them are HCL members! – the assembled guests from across five salons celebrated as an amazing 25 awards were handed out.

The senior team (pictured left) voiced their admiration of the company and a wonderful work ethic. “Recognising, celebrating and rewarding our teams is a key part of our activities every year,” said Joint Managing Directors, Jason & Joshua Miller. “It’s the culmination of a successful year of business and a chance for us to say thank you to everyone”.
We’ll list the prize winners here below, and whether you recognise names or personally know them, they merit our attention. We know that CM Salons are held in high esteem by the UK hairdressing industry and the competition internally will have been tough. Bravo to you all.


Here goes… it’s the list that counts:
The grand prix award for ‘Outstanding Hairdresser of the Year’ was announced and presented to a delighted Rosslyn Orr, Salon Manager at the South St Andrew Street salon, who also received Head Technician of the Year.
Category winners are: Rosslyn Orr, Outstanding Hairdresser of the Year and Head Technician of the Year; Rebecca Fairclough, Trainee of the Year Stafford Street; Ria Taylor, Trainee of the Year South St Andrew Street; Demi Colligan, Trainee of the Year Frederick Street; Megan MacColl, Trainee of the Year Ocean Terminal; Ellie Gilhooley, Trainee of the Year Holy Corner; Rachel Grayson, 3rd Year Trainee of the Year; Ria Taylor, Trainee Competition Winner Group B; Demi Colligan, Trainee Competition Winner Group A; Natalie Cole, Retail Salesperson of the Year & Treatment Salesperson of the Year; Denise Brown, Receptionist of the Year; 80+Club Winners (80% Client Retention): Corry Riley, Elle Craik,Karen Kennedy, Leigh Forrest,Lorraine McDiarmid, Rosy Kenny,Karyn Holloway, Laura Wyles,Michelle Baigan,Nicola McGuire, Richard Beggs, Rosslyn Orr,Hayley Dallas, Hannah Lennon,Lynsey Wilson, Natalie Cole, Karen Jones, Tammy Neillings,Amber Swift, Lisa Allen,Steven Suckling & Lauren Tait; Yvonne Blyth, Janet Miller Award; Joanna Drummond, Graduate Stylist of the Year; Carla McGuire, Salon Stylist of the Year; Philip Michie, Senior Stylist of the Year and Salon Technician of the Year; Nicola McGuire, Head Stylist of the Year; Karen Kennedy, Senior Head Stylist of the Year;Neil Purves, Men’s Stylist of the Year; Hayley Dallas, Senior Technician of the Year.

Have a fab 2019 everyone!