Go, Sam!

Plymouth based Sam Kerswell is one of our new premium members and even though he is only 31 years old, he is already a celebrity stylist who’s taking over the world- one wig at a time! He’s a proud supporter of the LGBTQ+ community through his work, which got him featured in local newspapers. We asked him about his colourful wigs, his work with celebrities and his love for drag. Check him out!

“I have worked across Europe and New York at events doing hair” he says. ”I custom colour wigs for celebrities including Cheryl Hole and Blu Hydrangea from Ru Pauls Drag Race UK. In October I’m a feature guest celebrity stylist for a Halloween special on an Australian TV network with some of the cast from Ru Pauls Drag Race UK and US talking about wigs and giving advice/ tips& tricks. I am currently working on a new design for Katie Price for an event towards the end of 2020. She first contacted me couple weeks ago on Instagram and wanted to collaborate ASAP!’‘ Good job, Sam!

Sam is also the UK’s sponsored artist for Balmain and Innoluxe, UK’s and USA’s sponsored artist for Manic Panic and  a finalist for British Colour Technician Of The Year 2020. Bravo! He is proud of his Plymouth roots and feels that the community within the city is special.

Cheryl Hole with Sam’s wig

“For me personally the LGBTQ+ scene here in Plymouth is quite close knit. Obviously, Plymouth’s isn’t as big the London scene but I think that has its benefits at keeping the community closer. With all international work and classes cancelled for 2020 on the 6th July I am opening a studio situated within Prep Cosmetic, called MODE Hair Lab. Mayflower Street. It is a personal 1-1 luxury Balmain Hair Couture Studio. All my media/ Instagram filming will be done from here along with all hair services and 1-1 Advanced Hair Colouring classes.”

Sam has worked with some huge names and has even made friends with some of his celebrity clients:“The one thing that will always make me smile massively is Cheryl’s voice note she sent me the second she received her wig for her Lady Gaga Digital TV Show. It was the loveliest thing I’ve ever been sent.’’

He is a drag fun and loves the work he does for queens across the world but says he would never be confident enough to try it himself. “I love drag; the whole process from start to finish, the hours they spend perfecting their makeup to putting on the outfit and then their hair. The transformations you see are literally unreal. I had always been intrigued into the stylist side of the industry. My friends in America are the ones who pushed me to get into it and my first custom wig client was Blu Hydrangea. I made her a neon rainbow kaleidoscope wig utilising a really epic colour technique.”

Well, let’s all keep a close eye out next time we see a celeb wearing a pretty coloured wig, shall we? Coz it may just be our Sam’s work!


Check out Sam’s work at samkerswell.com/ and @sam-kerswell