Good Hair Diaries

The Salon International weekend is so jam-packed with events, it takes a while to really digest all that’s been going on! Delighted to see these pictures from one of our members Pont Smith, who hosted a great event for brand R+Co on Sunday 6th October

Good Hair Diaries

We’re championing Bebop salon owners and R+Co Collective members Pont Smith and Chloe Herve as we watch them really make a go of things in their new(ish) salon venture which is going great guns evidently! The recent ‘Diary’ event drew a lot of positive reaction so keen to share here. The theme of this creative night was to explore subcultures including ‘new romantics’, ‘the blitz kids’, ‘punk’ to ‘disco’. They were explored in three chapters through the decades, with the eras demonstrated by hairstyles. Such an interesting concept!

Chloe said: “Subcultures were always a way in which a group of people wanted to stand out from all the mainstream cultures and trends. To me, this goes back to something I quote a lot and that’s bringing hairdressing back to the person. Being individual, standing out, adapting and personalising each style to that one person.

Pont added: “Our creative process started at thinking about how we could reinvent the classic hairdressing show, push it forward, break down boundaries, entwining the elements of entertainment and education to offer to our audience. The Good Hair Diaries was born!”

As the stylists finished, the event turned from a show to a social event, the R+Co Radio was switched on and drinks began to flow!


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