HairClubLive friends in Bangstyle’s Reign Supreme 2018 competition

Ooh, browsing online, we’ve #spotted a few of our friends who made it far into the Bangstyle Reign Supreme 2018 competition! The three images pictured had each won a weekly competition to be in the running for the annual title of Reign Supreme. Our three HairClubLive subscribers all made into the semi-finals (voted for online), so it’s a big high-five to Brandon Messinger, Sophie Chandler and Steven Smart… (pictured below). This means they were voted one of the top 12 images of 2018. As we write, they’re not into the actual finals, but hey, they’re totally winners in our eyes.

Bangstyle allows artists to upload their work (just like our members gallery) to showcase on the site. Each week, the team at Bangstyle picks six of their fave uploads to go through to the weekly ‘semi-finals’ before selecting the weekly winner. At the end of the year, all those show made it to any of the weekly semi-finals are entered into the Reign Supreme to pick first 12 RS semi-finalists, then an overall winner. Phew! Hope you got that! So,  from 300 weekly winners to 12 monthly winners and finally, a single winner, we’re looking out for who will hold the Reign Supreme 2018 title.
NB The final winner is picked through a community vote and each person can vote once a day for your favourite image here: