HairClubLive Most Wanted! Winners

It’s been a busy awards season with accolades for HairClubLive members coming in left right and centre! A great haul of titles we’ll do our best to share with you as we go along… once we’ve waded through the extensive lists! First up….


Tom Chapman

Tom Chapman – Most Wanted! Award for Innovation

Kicking off September in style, the Creative HEAD magazine Most Wanted Awards are a big deal for UK hairdressers with oodles of categories celebrating modern hairdressing. We’re proud to see lots of our members in the 2019 list including these guys who picked up the titles listed in capitals:

Tom Gilling @ Taylor Taylor London – THE FASHIONISTA • Jamie Benny @  Hare&Bone THE IT GUY • Sarah Linton @ Linton&Mac THE IT GIRL • Zoe Irwin @ John Frieda Salons CREATIVE TALENT • Sophia Hilton @ NotAnotherSalon THE COLOUR EXPERT • Desmond Murray @ Atherton Cox HAIR TREND • Tom Chapman @ The Lions Barber Collective AWARD FOR INNOVATION

Super proud of you all – way to go!

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