Help your Salon campaign

It’s heart-warming how everyone is pulling together in this time of pandemic crisis – hairdressers, brands and the media alike!

Help your salon

Equally, your clients are also wanting to show support – they’ll be the first to hit the high street in pursuit of a good cut and colour, we hope. Loving that Henkel (makers of Schwarzkopf, ABC, Indola and TBH brands) has rolled out a fabulous project to support EVERYONE.

Today they unveil a website that offers personalised vouchers for clients to purchase now for use on services once the lockdown has been lifted. AND ANYONE CAN USE IT to connect with their clients. Salons big or small, and freelancers, too. We love it.

Next time you make your regular check up call on your clients (come on, surely you’re all doing this? It shows you care and allows them to care for you, too)… simply chat about the way the industry is coming together. Suggest that by purchasing a voucher, your client is not only ensuring they’re ready for an appointment as soon as the Lockdown is over, but also helping you feel more positive. AND ENSURING you will be there for them. It’s a win win situation guys!



The open-access ‘Help Your Salon’ voucher sites for the UK and Ireland have succinct graphics that tell the story. (or provides a free platform for any salon or freelance stylists to personalise and sell digital gift vouchers, through a quick and easy registration process. There are no costs attached, and salons do not need an online shop – or even a website – to use it.

We are fully committed to trying to help salons maintain a revenue stream, during these challenging economic times, this scheme helps them to retain their customer base and gives clients a great opportunity to demonstrate loyalty to their salon,“says Julian Crane, General Manager, Henkel Beauty Care Professional.

Now, how does it work? Register at or – the process takes less than two minutes.

  • Users create, or link to, an existing Business PayPal account*
  • Users can personalise vouchers or donation cards with their logo and choice of service or amount. 
  • Users receive a link which they can send directly to clients or promote on social media or other marketing methods. 
  • Clients receive a personalised voucher for their salon, to use once it’s back up and running.
  • All revenue will be sent directly to the salon’s PayPal account, with no middle-man or costs.

Not only is this service completely independent of both brands and suppliers, it is also aims to help salons and freelance stylists equally, free of charge. 

The only caveat is that salon owners and stylists must seek advice from their solicitor, accountant or tax advisor and business insurer, who can provide tailored advice for individual cases to ensure income via vouchers and donations doesn’t compromise any state aid being applied for, or void business liability insurance policies.