EP 009: Edward Hemmings – Presenting your way to success in hairdressing

Do you have the fear of presenting in front of a live audience? Or maybe you’re looking for a few tips to help take your stage presentations to the next level?

Well, that’s exactly what today’s guest can help you with, thanks to his expertise and knowledge in the art of presenting. Today, Edward Hemmings will share his tips with you on how it’s done, revealing everything you need to know in presenting your way to success in hairdressing.

Edward has worked all over the world, putting on shows, seminars and workshops, visiting countries as diverse as Brazil, Indonesia and Israel and working with audiences of up to 4000 participants. On behalf of The Fellowship for British Hairdressing, L’Oreal and private clients, Edward runs his hugely popular ‘Presentation and Communication Skills’ course.

Whether your looking to do platform work, gaining more communication skills, or you’re curious about presenting in front of the camera, listen in – this is the episode for you.

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Today’s Guest

Edward Hemming presenting in hairdressingCompleting his initial training in 1992, Edward has worked continuously in the West End of London, and in 2005 became Creative Director and Director of Education at Alan d Hairdressing Education. Running between the busy Academy, salons and showcasing their work worldwide, Edward also finds time to head up Business Education for The Fellowship of British Hairdressing.

Website: alandhair.co.uk

Instagram: @alandhair

Twitter: @alandhair


Here’s some of what we cover in this interview:

• 8 year old Edward and an encounter with his headmaster
• A brief on Alan D Education
• Edwards role at the Fellowship of British Hairdressing
• What makes for a good presentation
• Have your own identity to presenting
• Why is it important to presenting in hairdressing
• Edward shares what it takes to be a good presenter
• How to prepare for presenting
• Should you be scripted
• How you should present a hairstyle on stage
• Is there a timeline to keep your audience engaged for
• Working around a styling chair on stage
• How to calm you nerves
• A beginning, middle, end and remember, take your time
• How to use a hand held microphone
• Overcoming a presentation that’s not going quite right
• Presenting in front of the camera
• Learn to be yourself, real and have like-ability
• Presenting workshops with Edward and how they work
• What’s next for Edward
• Shares his news of making through to the L’Oreal Colour Trophy Mens Image Grand Final.


Links to some to the people, places and things mentioned in this episode:

The Fellowship of British Hairdressing

Alan d Hairdressing Education

Presentation and Communication Skills

Lee Stafford

Dermot O’Leary

Andrew Barton

LOreal Colour Trophy

Central Training

Good Salon Guide


Freelance Hairdressing Association


Open Chair Night

Some images of Edward presenting onstage


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