EP 015: Rachael Gibson – Get mastered as a session stylist

Rachael Gibson - Get mastered as a session stylist

Wouldn’t it be awesome being a session stylist traveling the world working on fashion shows?  Or to see your work on the front page of British Vogue Magazine? Or be on location creating the hair for editorial shoots? I know many of you share these kind of dreams. This is why I’ve brought the wonderful Rachael Gibson on the show today to talk on how the Mastered online programme can help you achieve this.

As a producer at Mastered, Rachael works on the Hair programs with leading session names including Guido and Sam McKnight. Working with these names, as well as a host of fashion industry experts, producing world-class courses for the next generation of superstar session stylists. In today’s episode she will offer her advice on why signing up to a Mastered programme could help launch your career in session styling.

So being a session stylist may not be as far off as you think. Tune in for the tips, tools and resources to help you land an assignment in the session world!

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Today’s Guest

Rachael Gibson - get mastered as a session stylist

Rachael is a producer at Mastered, where she works on the Hair programs with leading session names including Guido and Sam McKnight. Rachael also work on a freelance basis for hair brands including ghd, Schwarzkopf Professional and Trevor Sorbie.
Prior to working at Mastered, Rachael spent five years as web editor for www.HJi.co.uk – the online home of the 135-year-old title Hairdressers Journal.

Website: rachaelghair.com

Twitter: @RachaelGHair

Instagram: @TheHairHistorian



Here’s some of what we cover in this interview

3 min 33 sec: We find out who and what Rachael does

6 min 35 sec: Rachael’s time as web editor at Hairdressers Journal

8 min 34 sec: How to stand out and get noticed by an editor

13 min 50 sec: Do’s and don’ts of tagging your posts on Instagram

19 min 00 sec: About Mastered and Rachael’s role here

21 min 22 sec: What does it really mean to be a session stylist

23 min 38 sec: Rachael walks us through the process of applying to Mastered.

27 min 00 sec: We learn on the opportunities to being enrolled on Mastered

28 min 09 sec: Your brand aesthetic

30 min 07 sec: How much time is required to do the online Mastered programme

32 min 34 sec: Rachael explains what a Mastered module is

35 min 19 sec: Can you fail on a Mastered programme

37 min 33 sec: Mastered Live events

40 min 33 sec: Star students

41 min 44 sec: How, where and costs to applying for a Mastered programme

44 min 26 sec: What does Rachael job role involve with Mastered


Links to some to the people, places and things mentioned in this episode:



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Sam McKnight


Eugene Souleiman

The Flying Barber

Some of Rachael’s other recommend Instagram account follows








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Some images of Mastered

Rachael Gibson - get Mastered as a session stylistRachael Gibson - get Mastered as a session stylistRachael Gibson - get Mastered as a session stylist

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