Instagram Boot Camp

Anyone struggling with good pics and captions for your salon gram? We have something to ease your pain. Our premium member, Vivienne Johns, is hosting an Instagram Boot Camp to teach you all things branding! Handy, right?

What’s included


In this 5 day course you will learn how to use your Instagram profile to tell the world who you are and what makes you different. It will help you understand the power of branding yourself and your salon so that no one will ever scroll past your post without actually noticing you. Understanding your perfect client, what they are attracted to and what they want to see on your Instagram is a major point and you will be taught how to write the most engaging captions that will speak directly to your perfect client.

And since we are now in lockdown, Vivienne will teach you how to repurpose old pictures and make them relevant to what is happening right now. You will learn how to take great product shots and how to make sure they get reposted by your product brands. Oh, and how to tag the right people in your stories and posts to get your content noticed and which hashtags to use. So, if you want to grow your audience, boost their engagement and monitor the process, if you want to know how to make grammable videos, if you want to learn how to do a beautifully branded story or just want to make your grid look much prettier, that’s a course you don’t want to miss. You can sign up now by going to and clicking on the ONLINE EDUCATION button.



“The last Social Media Boot camp was such a success I have decided to do it again. 120 people joined me every night to up their social media game, this is a social media course like no other, I will help you to understand the mechanics of Instagram to grow your business” says Vivienne.

The 5 day course is £25, starts on Monday the 25th and finishes on the 29th of May. It will take place every evening at 8pm BST live on Facebook in a private group. There is a different topic followed by Q&A each evening. The videos will be available to watch and interact with for 30 days after the course event, so that you can catch up in case you miss any.

We love seeing our members being active, especially during these days, and we support online education and every opportunity for self improvement. Take this time to learn more skills, guys, you won’t regret it.