John Spanton’s #FierceHair photo shoot is released!

John Spanton won our 2016 #FierceHair competition with his magnificent checkered colour work above, and was the lucky recipient of the prize… a photo shoot with Team:Talent! Back in January this year, we headed to photographer Chris Bulezuik’s delightful Brighton studio with John Spanton and Team:Talent for a day of inspirational work from everyone involved. Read on to hear John talk painting wefts, photo-shoot tummy tickles, and the 15 year old rebel in him… and scroll down to see the first image from his shoot with Team:Talent!

Congratulations on being the winner of the HairClubLive #FierceHair competition! Tell us about the story behind your winning image.
Funnily enough it was relatively last minute as an idea. My colleague Tiziana was talking about a staggered pattern but showed me something much more blended around the edges and was more of a feeling. Moving on from that I wanted to work more cleanly and create something a little more graphic. Before actually colouring the model I had two practice runs on a training head to make sure I could make it work as well as I visualised in my head. I only coloured it the day before we shot it so didn’t have room for error!

Tell us about the journey from finding out you won the #FierceHair photo shoot to now. 
It was a lovely moment hearing from HCL that the image had won and there was a photo shoot too! I had some ideas in the bank that I had worked on for salon international last year and presented to the art team during our salon inspiration evenings. But for a long time I wanted to shoot a collection with black and white hair, and as we are seeing so much bright colourful hair, the 15 year old in me felt the need to rebel against that and keep the work really monochromatic. I worked with our artistic director, Tom Connell, on the shoot and bounced my ideas off him. He was a very calming influence! My prep for the shoot was a lot of painting wefts and then more painting wefts. As a colourist I wanted to work on wefts added into the hair and I only wanted to paint freehand, no taping or masking hair to create the effect so I could keep a realism within the work.

What was the best thing about working with Team-Talent and HairClubLive?
From the start it was very easy, Chris, the photographer just got it, and was into what I wanted to achieve. He has been a really positive influence with the shoot.

Favourite moment of the shoot?
There was one shot that as it came up in the screen just made my tummy tickle and felt like we were really capturing what I wanted! Was a lovely moment.

Why have you chosen this image to release first?
We are launching the collection at Colour world on the 21st of May and I am going to recreate this look, I’ve wavered between this image and another, I love both but as I’m recreating this one on the day, that’s the one we decided to go with

What is your plan for the collection?
Win Colour Expert at the creative head most wanted awards? Haha! I’m enetering so I’ll keep my fingers crossed!! Other than that we have a show in Zurich on the 22nd of maybe for about 1000 people, and then who knows!

A fantastic outcome of the #FierceHair competition! We hope to run more competitions like this for the HCL community. Remember, only members are eligible so keep signed up and checking in to make sure you don’t miss them!

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