Let’s SHINE, ladies!

We love all hairdressers; but as an all-ladies-team, we strongly feel that it’s important to empower women in hair-cutting, given the fact that it’s a male-dominated space, with men taking most of leading positions in hairdressing. Yes, we see many women colourists, but what about cutting?

On that note, we have launched SHINE, a platform that promotes women in hairdressing specifically. SHINE is an initiative designed to encourage women in hairdressing to claim their place in the spotlight. We specifically seek out women doing great things and share this platform with them. You can see and read about women-cutters we love in the SHINE page of Tribu-te. Also, make sure you follow @seehershine on Instagram and use #seehershine and #girlscancut to share your looks with us, if you are a cutter. We can’t wait to see your work!


Big thanks to our premium member Vivienne Johns for being a big advocate on this; we can all follow her lead. Let’s do this, ladies!