Listen up!

We’re a loving lot here at HairClubLive – supporting all kinds of artistic endeavours! Here’s a first…. one of our regular crew at the OpenChairNights in London has just released his first single – writing the music and producing a hip-hop/rap fusion… and we’re impressed. Yep, Alfie James (seen here in the background while James Atkinson worked the chair in Camden recently) and his mate Sam Watt have ‘WYAon both iTunes and Spotify. Tap the spotify icon below for a 30 second sample, or head over to Spotify Premium, or download on iTunes – just 59p. 

Come on, share the excitement… Alfie could be back as guest DJ or live very soon, and we all like helping nurture talent, don’t we?!

Psst! If you’ve got news of a new venture that puts you in the spotlight, drop us a line and we’ll give you a shout out, too! Email:


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