Lockdown Collaborations

Creativity is what excites us the most. Creativity through lockdown collaborations and new ways of working together and making history during isolation is just beyond! When we heard about our premium member Jack Mead’s quarantine collab with Jaymz Marsters via post (!) we loved it!  We wanted details, so Jack (@jackmead_stylist) shared his unique idea and project with us:

”During lockdown I have been practising a lot and have done a few Insta lives showcasing some of my cutting techniques. I had also been working on my Precision Cutting Championship entry which you can do on a mannequin; an amazing opportunity. One day I was admiring Jaymz’s (@jaymz.marsters) incredible colour work as I’m sure we all do. Jaymz and I had spoken a few times previously on some potential work in the future and it came to me: I could cut a mannequin head and send it to him in the post for a social distancing hair collaboration! I was so excited about this idea I messaged him straight away and he messaged me straight back saying he would love too.

And then the fun began; we put a couple of polls out on Instagram to see what people would like to see cut wise and two of the most popular haircuts where a mullet or a pageboy. Now I love both these haircuts but I thought the mullet had been done a lot and with the pageboy we could really mix my precision cutting with a classic and with  Jaymz’s beautiful innovative colour work. So we did a live of me cutting the pageboy  and then I sent the haircut as a special delivery to Jaymz.


Jaymz then did a live on potentially what colour he would do. He started of by creating a rainbow affect that was awesome but being a perfectionist decided to start again and created something even more unique with a gorgeous green and orange and a hint of yellow.

This has been an amazing experience and a fun way of thinking out the box to work with other creatives in the industry and push yourself. There’s still a lot of hair on that mannequin so keep your eyes out for our next collaboration.”


What an awesome idea, Jack; keep it up, guys!