Make some NOISE

Nick Irwin

We love the opportunity to just put out there your most fantastic, sometimes outrageous creative ideas, and so the platform offered by Noise each year is right up our street!

Founded by hairdresser Richard Ashforth (of Saco hairdressing), the format is to invite a handful of the most inventive hairdressers to a secret location to show what they can do when really given free rein. In the UK, Noise takes place in London each weekend of Salon International (there are other international Noise events during the year also) and is a great fun event. This year, seven artists joined, including our friends at ES Project – Emmanuel Esteban and Sylvester Finold – and Tim Hartley with Tina Anderson + Dean Bradwell, and Tom Connell.

An excitable 500-strong crowd gathered in an East End venue and the pictures express perfectly the experimental tone of the evening. We adored the Russian hair anarchists Hairfcker – just look at the accessories used in their futuristic heads. Nick Irwin was equally ‘out there’, while ES Project and Tom Connell took a more ‘beautiful and progressive’ approach. Peter Gray, session stylist, was as ever very ‘architectural’, while Tim Hartley’s crew were exuberant, provocative and… well… very different! Love it.


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