‘Most colourful hair look’ winner

Our 24hr daily challenge is on and we can’t thank you enough for entering and tagging us on your amazing pics on social media. This time, we asked you to tag us on your Insta stories with your ‘Most colourful hair look’.  Fab looks came in and the winner of this challenge is Gina Barnes (@ginabarnes_) with her stunning rainbow hair creation.

We wanted some details, so here what she said to us:

”To create this rainbow hair technique I used a Pulpriot technique called ‘bubble technique’ and Pulpriot colours. For this particular creation, I divided the hair into four sections. I started applying colour from the bottom of the back and worked my way up. A little tip is to use foil or wraps underneath the first section to help to apply the colours. I wanted a rainbow effect so I used muted rainbow tones and started applying the colours in the order of the rainbow. It is important to use quite fine sections for full saturation. Once you have applied the first section of colour, take another section and apply the next colour. I love this technique because it is an eye catcher while processing, it either fills people with fear or excitement! Either way people stop talking about it and want to see the end result!”

Well, we got excited, for sure!

Congrats, Gina, your prize is a Smart brush and sponge set, an Express color kit and a Color blaster, all gifted by Indola.

Gina Barnes