Nicky Pope on making the most of your 10 mins at #OCN

Co-director of HairClubLive, Nicky Pope has toured the UK with our ever-popular #OpenChairNight event FIVE times! With the upcoming #OpenChairNight tour just over four weeks away, Nicky shares her top tips for making the most of your 10 minutes on stage, and enjoying that moment. Check them out:

Make the most of your 10 minutes:

  • have one strong idea – don’t try and do too much
  • think about the audience – venue lighting won’t be best for subtlety, so keep that in mind. Soft colour for example isn’t best showed off here
  • the crowd are watching with no live feed to a screen, so go for bold
  • don’t leave too much to do in 10 mins – then again leave enough to do!
  • watch our film to get an idea of what to expect

Enjoy the moment:

  • the audience is with you, not judging you
  • don’t worry – we have all ages and ability on stage so you won’t be out of place
  • seize the moment – this is your chance to shine on your own right
  • be positive and believe this is fun from the off
  • bring family and friends to see you in action – this is the most fun format they will see you in
  • presenting at OCN is like getting a tattoo – a big deal but you will love it, and 99% of people come back for more!

P.S. If you haven’t signed up to perform yet, you can snap up one of the remaining slots by emailing, and get tickets here:




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