One foot in the past, one foot in the future

We were thrilled to head off to Tribu-te’s show, On the Edge, last night to celebrate the history and future of Vidal Sassoon’s work. Trevor Sorbie, Tim Hartley, Silvia Salerno, Jay Mahmood, John Vial and Neil Atkinson paid homage to Vidal on stage, showcasing classic Sassoon looks and bringing his approach to cutting into the present day.

Post-glamorous pre-show drinks parties, we took our seats amongst 600 guests in the grand Cadogan Hall in Sloane Square, London. What a setting! The awe-inspiring artists presented an extraordinary array of cuts… from Trevor Sorbie’s beautiful blonde wedge to Tim Hartley’s use of millinery to mimic the shape of his classic Sassoon cut. HairClubLive members Frazer Wallace, Hannah de Frateschi, Lauren Scott, Rachael Wrigglesworth and Fraser Pieri rep’d the up-and-coming hairdressing generation and chatted to the audience about how Vidal’s teachings continue to inspire and inform their approach to hair in 2017.
Shoutout to Tribu-te magazine for putting on a fantastic show, and to our lovely HCL members for proudly representing our community and the next generation of hairdressers! Browse the pics below:


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