EP 007: Lee Stafford, and why he’s changing hair colleges

In this ‘How To Cut It’ episode I know that you’re really going to be entertained by a true hairdressing legend.
Joining me today is Lee Stafford – one the most famous and recognised names to come out of British hairdressing in the last 20 years. From starting out cutting hair in his mum’s living room, Lee’s career went into overdrive after winning British Mens Hairdresser of the Year in 1998. Read more and  listen…

EP 006: Not Another Salon with Sophia Hilton

Maybe like todays award winning guest Sophia Hilton, being a salon owner is not a massive ambition of yours.
Originally Sophia never had the desire to own a salon –but if she did, it couldn’t be just like “another salon”. The rest is history! After 10 years working for leading hairdressers, Sophia –after talking to her husband– decided to venture out on her own, and in 2015 opened Not Another Salon in East London’s fashionable Brick Lane. Read more and  listen…

EP 005: King of Balayage with Jack Howard

Enjoy insights from our guests – this week’s interview is exceptional.
Here today is A-list hair colourist Jack Howard – a big fan of HairClubLive – who is widely credited with bringing Balayage to the UK.
As a visionary hair technician and businessman, Jack understands why leveraging new technologies and social media is vital to helping you grow your industry profile. Read more and  listen…

EP 004: Becoming a brand ambassador with Katie Mulcahy

Many hairdressers share the same ambition to one day become an ambassador for a leading hair care brand, but often wonder what it takes to land this prestigious role. That’s why I’m super excited to have hair brand ambassador, Katie Mulcahy join us today to answer this question. Offering her own personal experience on becoming UK ambassador for Rusk Hair Care, Katie understands exactly on what it takes to get noticed by hair manufacturers that are looking for the next big names to represent their brand. Read more and  listen…

EP 003: An interview with celebrity hairstylist, Andrew Barton

I’m honoured to introduce you to the award-winning and celebrity hairstylist, Andrew Barton.

For over 30 years, Andrew has been making his mark in the hairdressing industry. From starting out in his native home town of Barnsley in South Yorkshire, England, his career journey has led him to being crowned British Hairdresser Of The Year, becoming the resident hairdresser to the TV hit show 10 Years Younger, having his own product range and currently Creative Director of the world famous Urban Retreat Salon at Harrods, London. Read more and  listen…

Pro Hair Tom, Mai, John (4)
HTCI 002: Tom Connell’s Rise To Artistic Director At Trevor Sorbie

I’m so excited to bring you the very first interview to the How To Cut It In The Hairdressing Industry podcast, kicking off with an episode I know you’re going to love. Joining me today is Tom Connell, who has risen to become the artistic director of the Trevor Sorbie Art Team.

After seeing Trevor Sorbie perform in a one man show, Tom was so blown away by Trevor’s approach to hair that he knew from that moment on he wanted to go and work for the man himself. If you’re wondering, “How could I possibly work for one of the top salons in the world and it’s art team?,” stick around – Tom is about to tell you whats involved. Read more and  listen…

HTCI 001: Welcome to How To Cut It – In The Hairdressing Industry Podcast!

What the heck is the How To Cut It – In The Hairdressing Industry Podcast all about?

Giving you the insights, inspirations and information to take your hairdressing and barbering careers to the next level, in this – our first HTCI podcast – I’m super excited to welcome you to my solo episode, explaining what you can expect to hear over the coming weeks, months and years. As your host, I would also like to take this opportunity today to introduce myself to you, and share a little more on my hairdressing career to date. Read more and  listen…