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  1. Vaida Urbaite


    I would very much appreciate if you can provide me additional information regarding the #OpenChairNight (Dates, Fees, Registration Process, etc..)

    Many thanks

    Vaida Urbaite

    1. HairClubLive

      Hi Vaida,

      Thanks for your message.
      The next #OpenChairNight tour will be in Spring 2016 with dates and venues to be confirmed.
      Once the dates are revealed, you can register for a slot to perform by e-mailing: contact@hairclublive.com.
      It is free to present on stage #OpenChairNight, but anyone wishing to watch will have to buy a ticket in advance or on the door.

      We’ll announce details of the tour soon, so keep checking HairClubLive for the latest #OpenChairNight updates…

      HCL Team x

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