Precision Cutting Championship finalists

Precision Cutting ChampionshipStage 1 is now over and we have 10 finalists! Woohoo! Big thanks to everyone who entered- the UK participation was very high, with more than 60 successful entries. Impressive, really! It was great seeing you putting some much energy on and being so motivated.

The second stage of the competition has just launched. And it’s going to be super exciting!

We spoke with 2 of the 10 finalists and also HCL premium members, Jack Mead (@jackmead_stylist) and Nicola Hamm (@nicolakristel_hair), who made it into the top 10 cutters in the UK- quite an achievement in itself – and are now moving to stage 2. Here’s what they said:

What is interesting to you about the Precision Cutting Championship?

NICOLA: I wanted to enter this competition, as I’ve never seen one solely for cutting, especially precision cutting. So it was nice to see a different type of challenge.

JACK: I think it’s great that there is cutting competition and even though I love other competitions like the British hairdressing awards it’s awesome to have a new competition based purely on your hairdressing skill and not photography, fashion ect.

What was the biggest challenge?

N: I think it was a combination of believing in mylsef to a put this type of work out there and portraying on camera what I had created. I love cutting, but this isn’t something I would normally put out on to social media, for some reason it makes me a little nervous.

J: The biggest challenge for me was to stick with my instinct and to not change my entry as it’s easy to second guess yourself.

For how long did you work on your entry?

N: I must admit I took a little while creating this hair cut. I just wanted it to be perfect for the camera from every angle. I will definitely try and be quicker on the next one!

J: I spent a day cutting my entry but I redid it because I wasn’t completely satisfied with my first attempt so probably a week in total.

Are you a competition friend usually?

N: I do love competitions, I try to enter as many as I can! I find it is a great way to really push yourself.

J: I love entering competitions as I find it a great way to push myself make sure I am always learning, improving my skill set and looking at new trends.

What would you say to encourage others?

N: I would definitely tell others to just try! There are many competitions where I didn’t make it through, but you have to give it a go and try to learn from it all. Sometimes you might not make it through, but end up making great connections from the experience.

J: I would say I totally understand it is not easy to put your work out there to be judged but it’s so worth it. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get through I promise you will have learnt something and you will feel proud no matter what. You only regret the things you don’t do

How did you feel on finding out you’re a finalist?

N: A bit surprised. The entries for the UK were amazing, it was definitely tough competition to be up against.

J: The feeling was amazing because a precision cutting competition is very close to my heart. I look up to a lot of the judges of this competition and dream to be among them one day and would love to be known in the industry as a phenomenal hair cutter. I am truly ecstatic and humbled to be among the top ten in the UK.

Congrats, guys, we are proud of you! And good luck for the next stage!

You can keep up with the latest PCC updates and learn more about the second stage of the competition HERE