Precision Cutting Championship UK

Competition is part of the Hairdressing UK’s DNA and here at HairClubLive we love seeing how contests mean you are challenging yourselves and growing, learning and loving the craft. We’re delighted to announce that we’ve become a media partner for a brand new Precision Cutting Championship which is international, being held in several countries during 2020 with national winners going into a grand final. It’s super credible as being hosted by Palmer & Company. The UK partners are Rush and Paul Stafford Hair, with Tribu-te magazine, Respect online and HairClubLive as media sponsors. Yikes! Great company…

Precision Cutting Championship

Dove Palmer at Palmer & company

Dove Palmer

So for this NEW competition the point is that it really champions the hair cut, and a precision one at that. The idea is that you are given a particular haircut to showcase – you must do it on a dolls head and enter 3 angles. Just upload to Instagram and use a hashtag to enter. Simples. The first round is judged at the end of May and 10 finalists chosen to do a second cut.

The Championships are the brainchild of Dove Palmer – a man who knows how to wield a pair of scissors thanks to his awesome start as a key educator at Sassoon before flying solo with Palmer & Company several years back. He travels the world promoting the art of cutting and is passionate about creating more awareness of the skill required to be super successful as a hairdresser.

ENTRY criteria in easy steps

• The cut you do for the first round is a TRIANGULAR GRADUATION
• Work the cut on a dolls head – hair must be brown, black or blonde (NO fashion colours)
• Photograph from these three angles shown here on a clean white background
• Upload to your Instagram with #PCChampionshipUK
• Closing date for the first round is May 24th

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For more inspo on what makes a great cut, see this gallery including close-ups of the winner from last year’s inaugural event in Russia. (Then scroll for more info)


  1. Entries are judged between May 24th and 31st
    1. 10 Finalists will be asked to do a second cut. NB all 10 will be featured online on the following sites and interviewed
  2. 5 people will go through to the third cut
  3. 1st, 2nd and 3rd places are announced and all featured online again with all media partners

A panel of judges includes the likes of HairClubLive members Josh Lamonaca, Andy Heasman, Sid Sottung with Brett McDonald, Emiliano Vitale, Gianni Scumaci and many more… all magnificent names


To be named Precision Champion of the UK AND WIN hairdressing equipment including brushes, clips, combs and scissors, and a place on a cutting course run by Rush with Palmer & Company. AND of course, there’s a trophy and certificate to be awarded.

Go on, get to it!