ProHairLive 2017

Wowza…what a show! We headed to ProHairLive in Manchester on Monday 27 February to provide a platform for our members to showcase their talents, and they did not disappoint.
The show kicked off with Hair Stories, where members had 20 minutes on stage to present their signature look and discuss their journey through the industry with HCL co-director Dom. Mary Lamont, founder of Scottish salon Urban Hair and Beauty Highhouse was up first, showcasing an emerald green mohawk, alongside Rick Robert’s salon manager Brandon Messinger who wowed the crowd with his up-do. Emmanuel Esteban impressed with his avant-garde styling, alongside salon owner Karoliina Saunders and award-winner Ben Madle (the Go Gorgeous London team helped Ben to create his futuristic look with their makeup skills, too). Emmanuel says: “It was a great moment and a pleasure to be on stage with HairClubLive. I really appreciate everything you are doing for young hairdressers and am impressed by the energy you have.”
Next up was the taster session of the renowned #OpenChairNight. A little less raw and unrehearsed than the usual nights, but we brought the atmosphere with beats, traffic-lights, compere Dom and ultimately, the talent of you, our members. Abbi Riddel and Nicola Dow followed in their salon owner Mary Lamont’s footsteps by showcasing their talents with us, followed by first-time HCL performers Rhys Davidson and Amber Small who brought the brightness from their Dundee based salon, Coloured Soul to the Diamond Stage. Rhys says: “I loved every single minute of the show yesterday.” Tammy Reynolds braved the stage solo but had enough talent for two, before the Menspire boys rocked the stage.
Our lovely friends at Akito scissors – owner John Allen and his daughter Bronte – hand picked their star chair performer from the talented lineup. Newcomer Rhys Davidson scooped the win which included a pair of Akito scissors and pouch worth £250!
What a show! Thank you to ProHairLive for having us on the Diamond Stage, to Go Gorgeous for partnering with us and providing their makeup artists, Akito for awarding their prize, and finally, to our talented members who make the show what it is.
Check out the pictures of the show below, and keep an eye on our social media for videos coming soon:

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