Sam’s at the helm

Big congratulations to HairClubLive member Sam Grocutt who is announced as joint president (along with Philip Sharp) for the Hairdressers’ Charity in 2018-19. Yay! Sam heads up the hair and beauty agency Essence PR and has long been a supporter of HCL (an early joiner), encouraging clients to get stuck in at our live events and to upload their photographs and showcase their work online, as well as working closely on OpenChairNight with her client Fudge Professional.
As a charity committee member of the Hairdressers’ Charity (formerly the Hair & Beauty Benevolent), Sam has spent 10 years helping to implement and oversee many successful fundraising initiatives. Now she steps up to a presidential role and we know she’ll do a fine job alongside Philip, who is brand director of a large colour house, Affinage Salon Professional.
In case you’re not aware, the Hairdressers’ Charity has been established to support hairdressers and ex-hairdressers who are affected by illness, disability, bereavement or financial hardship. Applicants can request help with many things including money, equipment and holidays, even pocket money for kids in homes where finances are tight. Currently more than 300 hairdressers a year turning to the charity. It’s the only such organisation specifically for our industry and worth remembering when you’re fundraising, or if you or anyone you work with might need support. We know Sam will have a  friendly ear and ready smile to help any of you if you ever need. Why not attend the ball on 19 Feb! Or for more information visit
“Our industry charity is a small but worthy cause that helps hairdressers in need. We’ll be looking to secure as much support as possible from those in the industry during our time whether that’s financially, or by helping us spread the message of what we do and who we help. The hair world is exceptionally giving and if we can just be remembered as one of your annual causes then it’ll help us reach our £200,000 annual target to help others..” says SamanthaGrocutt
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