Schwarzkopf rocks Salon International

Schwarzkopf Professional at Salon International We scooted round Salon International to visit all our favourite brands, then scurried off to the Salon Live! Theatre in time to catch Schwarzkopf Professionals’ Five Star show … joyful. On stage we greeted old friends of HairClubLive including Hooker & Young and the team from Rainbow Room International who always thrill with their stage shows. There’s something so exuberant about the work of both these salon groups which we really do recommend you follow!


Knowing the stage in Salon Live! was rammed with über-talent meant we knew we were in for a fantastic ride! Schwarzkopf Professional is a strong supporter of hairdressing talent (including yourselves here at HairClubLive – the brand often sponsors our #OpenChairNights). For sure, they know how to put a fab roster together. To put everything in perspective, the brand’s International Creative Director Simon Ellis opened with this comment: “Our focus as a company is to showcase the best of the world’s hairdressing and tonight, it’s all about the UK.” Then we were off… presentation after presentation to keep us enthralled.


Rainbow Room International followed, showcasing their new Red collection (pictured here). HCL members and RRI creative directors Suzie McGill and Dylan Brittain were joined by team members Paddy McDougall and Diana Carson to showcase the looks, which included a punk shag, sculpted afros and a super-graphic red crop created with Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Colorworx and Bold Wash. Loved it!

Next on stage were Hooker & Young, presenting their Paradox collection; a hypnotic presentation in black and white. The show was all about beautiful, pure blondes in all shades and shapes…  ranging from high-octane, retro glamour in the form of beautiful waves and curls, to edgier looks with raw disconnection and blunt fringes. “We love BlondMe,” said Michael, explaining that the Schwarzkopf BlondMe products had been used throughout . “It hasn’t just transformed our work as creatives and colourists, but also as a salon business. It gives us the cleanest blondes possible, but not at the expense of the hair!”

Session stylist Nick Irwin presented a section on ‘genderless fashion. “It’s the time we’re living in,” he said, “and we need to deal with that and reflect that as hairdressers.” On his four models, Nick showcased an aerodynamic high top Afro style interspersed with braids, a punkish, grown-out blonde crop, a grunge take on a French pleat and a neon yellow shaved head, complete with emoji art on the back.

A big finish came from Schwarzkopf Professional Global Ambassadors Lesley Jennison and Tyler Johnston who showcased Inspire by presenting models captured in a live photoshoot setting. Tyler was first on stage, showcasing his incredible cutting skills by taking a model from waist-length hair to a head-hugging crop, live, in mere minutes. Next, he transformed a model sporting an immaculate updo with a wig reveal, showing a punky pale blue crop underneath. As with his cut model, the looks were captured as he created them in a live photoshoot on stage. Lesley Jennison showcased her dynamic colouring skills as she painted a towering beehive with painstaking lines of colour, live on stage. Highlighting the artful bands of pastel that formed the conical look, her graphic black lines added an extra dimension to her creative colour work.

We do love a great show, and this was one!



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