Seanhanna awards 2017

Seanhanna celebrated their 35 year anniversary this week with an awards ceremony to honour the hard work and creative talent of the team at the vintage venue, The Rivoli Ballroom. Sean and his team have flourished since the opening of the first salon in Worcester Park in 1981, with teams now operating across eight salon chains in the UK.
Seanhanna celebrated their 35 years of salon ownership with a dirty dancing themed awards ceremony – who doesn’t love a theme? The night kicked off with a showcase by the seanhanna creative team – including HCL superstar Frazer Wallace – followed by a special performance by OCN veteran Lucie Monbillard.
A whole host of HairClubLive’ers scooped awards, which were judged by an external judging panel (bar the special recognition and outstanding contributing awards which were judged internally). Check out the HCL members that won big:

Lucie Monbillard – retail stylist award
Lloyd Court – media award and creative image style
Dylan McChonnachie – creative image men
The Putney team (where Lucie, Lloyd, Dylan and Frazer are) won salon of the year!
Noel Halligan – creative image avant-garde

Guests of the evening  (including the award winning hairdresser Desmon Murray and Tangle Teezer inventor Shaun Pulfrey) were entertained by the dancers’ re-enactment of the famous Dirty Dancing movie scenes – yes, it included the lift! Take a peek at the dance troupe and the HCL members that scooped wins on the night below:

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