Summer sizzlers

Phew! It’s been a scorching summer for sunshine and for many hairdressers who are firing on all cylinders career-wise – and Nicole Appadu and Barry Maddocks having big cause for celebration. We’re delighted to see our two HairClubLive members on this list of the successful applicants for the L’Oreal Professionnel ID Artist Team. A strict audition tour has given more brilliant young stylists the opportunity to shine, share and inspire… you guys rock!


So here’s our roll call of honour for those called up … we’re going to be watching you with interest. Don’t forget to send us your work and max out your new profile opportunities by using the pages here on HairClubLive… it’s what we’re here for, after all.

Scottish Region
Cutting / Session ID Artist • Johnny Breir – Linton and Mac • Cheryl Bryson – Bryson and Hare

Colour ID Artist • Kelsey Purves – Milk Hairdressing • Sabrina Johnson – Rod Smith Hairdressing

Northern Ireland Region

Cutting / Session ID Artist • Hugo Santos – Andrew Mulvenna • Courtney Lyons – Naked Hair Design

Republic of Ireland Region

Cutting / Session ID Artist • Claudia Walsh – Davey Davey • Gemma Murphy – Dylan Bradshaw

Colour ID Artist • Paulina  Valecka – H Salon • Hannah Abuzenen  – Wild Flower

North-Western Region

Cutting / Session ID Artist • Matt Haylor – Francesco Group (Chester) 8 Ashley Graham – Jennies

Colour ID Artist • Heather Shaw • Francesco Group Academy (Stafford) • Serafina Giacobbe – Hardeesh Dhinsah

North-Eastern Region

Cutting / Session ID Artist • Kendra Hughes – Hair Haus • Johnny Scott – Bang

Colour ID Artist • Amy Mitchell – Crown and Glory Hair Studio • Jason Lloyd – Tint

Midlands Region

Cutting / Session ID Artist • Stephen Smith – Ken Picton • Hannah Claque – Reds Hair Company

Colour ID Artist • George French – Nashwhite • Bunty Wickens – Laura Leigh Hair and Beauty

Colour by Barry Maddocks

South-West Region

Cutting / Session ID Artist • James Holroyd – Yoke the Salon • Georgie Perkins – Trevor Sorbie (Bristol)

Colour ID Artist • Barry Maddocks – Francesco (Ringwood)

London Region

Cutting / Session ID Artist • Jessica Hall – Rush (Wimbledon) • Barto Cacciapaglia – Headmasters (Mayfair)

Colour ID Artist • Luke Tyrrell – Headmasters (Mayfair) • Emilie Fitte – Rose and Wild

Nicole Appadu on stage with model

South-East Region

Cutting / Session ID Artist • Nicole Appadu – Rush (Horsham)

Colour ID Artist • Rosie Saunders – Leigh Roberts Hairdressing • Kirsty Judge – Rush (Sevenoaks)

Eastern  Region

Cutting / Session ID Artist • Edward Taylor – Edward Taylor Hairdressing

Colour ID Artist • Lucy Ferguson – Cavell Hairdressing • Rhea Biggs – Stark Hairdressing • Victoria Kernott – Taylors Hairdressing