Texture Matters

The past days’ events have put us all in a serious review mode regarding systemic racism, discrimination and lack of inclusivity. And yes, NOW, more than ever, it’s the time to look ourselves in the mirror, not just as individuals but also as an industry, and see what we’re doing wrong and how we can fix it. On that note, we are proud and fully supporting Jemima Bradley, a hairdresser at Blue Tit salons in London, who is determined to take action that effects change in hairdressing with her Texture matters petition.

Prompted by the protests this week for #blacklivesmatter, Jem (aka @mulletbabyy) has started a petition to have compulsory training on Afro/textured hair included in the Hairdressing NVQ syllabus. Why hasn’t it been mandatory really? Lack of educators, lack of care from the system; it’s time we change that.

We spoke with Jem about her decision and this is what she said:

”I started this petition because we need to end the segregation in the hairdressing industry. To do this we need to start at the very beginning. We need to be teaching our young apprentices textured hair, so they can then offer equal services. This is a basic standard that should be set, but to be able to enforce this, we need this on print that it is mandatory. Not as an optional unit in learning how to relax textured hair. We can do this through using our voice collectively as an industry to strive for better; to be able to get to the very first issue that has caused segregation throughout all corners of our industry. We as hairdressers have a global responsibility of making people feel good, to do this we need to educate ourselves in order to equally deliverWe need to stand up, make a change for the sake of our black clients. If you sign this petition you are helping to start a brighter, more equal, more educated industry”.

In truth, petitions DO matter – in the UK you need 10,000 names to be due a response from the Government on your petition, and if you reach 100,000 signings, you’ll have the matter considered for debate in Parliament. Jem is well on the way, so please ADD YOUR SUPPORT by clicking HERE.

Watch Jem’s chat with our Nicky Pope HERE