The Mullet is back

The modern mullet is on its way back into our affections. And HCL member Georgia Bell is ahead of the trend with some great advice.  It’s all thanks to a shift in music culture plus a vogue for celebs who are rocking more disconnected and texture-happy haircuts.

Miley Cyrus mullet

As a matter of fact, if you thought Miley Cyrus‘s late-November haircut looked a bit like a mullet, just wait until you see the style she debuted on Instagram on Monday, January 6. It’s not just mullet-esque — it’s a straight-up mullet, full stop. And it’s awesome!

We caught up with our Hairclublive premium member Georgia Bell (@georgia-bell) from Twisted Scissors Salon to get her take on the way mullets will look in 2020:“Mullets can be as sharp or as soft as you’d like, but I think ultimately by keeping a little more length, and the disconnection softer, it gives you the option to play around more when it comes to styling and it just becomes a style that’s easy to wear everyday.”


Hair by Georgia Bell

And for all those clients who’ll be … er… heading to the salon for a mullet-makeover, Georgia can advise on at bit of technical stuff, too: “A healthy base of hair is everything when it comes to cutting styles like this, without it nothing we create as stylists will ever make a great impact. My two favourite products at the moment are the Moisture Mask and Moisture Mist by KeraStraight. As suggested in the names, they bring a boost of hydration and moisture back into the hair which creates a great place to start when restyling. If the hair is weak and unhealthy, the ends will fray.. And that’s not a look anyone wants!

What do we think? We likey like! A few of our HCL buddies are adding their comment to the ‘to mullet or not to mullet’ debate:

Ben Madle (@benjaminmadle) says:”I’ve had lots of requests for mullets for the past couple of years. It’s definitely going mainstream now. The ‘cool’ crowd are onto the bowl cuts.”

Alice Harvey (@alice-harvey) from Lilys hair salon says: “I absolutely love a mullet! I’m really seeing a change in requests for this in the salon.

Nathan Klein (@createdbykein) from Linnaean Salon shares his technique: “I’m playing around with techniques. At the moment, I’m doing radial sectioning with a horseshoe V to the back. Layering the front wIth forward graduation elevating, then layering the top section.



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