Tom Connell joins Davines art team

Tom Connell

The news is out! Our friend Tom joins the Davines team in the brand new role of Hair Art Director (congrats!) and will work on reinforcing and expressing their style through his vision. He will play a leading role in creating photographic collections and training hairstylists, as well as in international hair shows.

Tom Connell at Tribu-te Show 2019

Tom Connell at Tribu-te Show 2019

Tom Connell is a young, talented and extremely passionate stylist, committed to experimenting and exploring the world of hair and its myriad possibilities. He focuses particularly on the creative process in his work, as the key to achieving unique, top-level results. Born in Manchester, England, he grew up in the salon owned by his parents, both hairdressers. At the age of 16, he realised his future lay in hairdressing. He then transferred to London to develop his identity as a stylist. In his recent past, he was a member of the Trevor Sorbie team for a number of years, before taking on the role of artistic director four years ago.

He begins his creative process by analysing his surroundings: “I always keep a document with me to write down things that catch my attention: a haircut I saw on the street, a piece of furniture, a film clip. Once a month, I read it and see a connection between all the elements, and I develop my ideas from there”, explains Connell.

For Tom, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all formula: the cut and colour are always perfectly balanced, sometimes the cut leave space for the colour, other times the colour takes a step back to foreground the cut. His style is made up of unique pieces, individual identities that have their own stories outside the concept of fashion, meaning they always feel current, in pure Davines style. “I believe this approach to uniqueness is perfectly consistent with the Davines brand, and I also want to introduce this concept into the new Davines community, so that stylists can develop rather than simply replicate a cut or a colour. I would like them to learn a way of seeing things with their own eyes, creating something unique”.

It was the combination of Davines’ image, its way of communicating and its commitment to environmental and social sustainability that attracted Tom to start a new adventure here with us.  His support will promote the brand’s style identity. He will also be supervising and helping develop products and company projects.


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