On Tour with Takara Belmont’s Adria II

Taking centre-stage on our Autumn #OpenChairNight tour are Takara Belmont’s beautiful Adria II chairs.  So far, they’ve graced our stages in Edinburgh and Glasgow and will be with us to face the audiences in the final three cities left in our #OpenChairNight tour.

Already the Adria II chairs have received some very admiring glances and the seal of approval from the 30 hairdressers and models that have used them in their #OpenChairNight experience so far. Being both robust and durable, these chairs are perfect for us to be able to take on tour. Featuring a beautiful, sleek aesthetic, the chairs are lightweight and portable, yet substantial enough to undergo the wear and tear of more than 100 hairdressers working in them over the course of this tour. Oh Adria II, we love you!

You’ll be able to see the chairs in action as we visit the cities of Manchester, Cardiff and London in our final leg of our Autumn 2017 #OpenChairNight tour. Check out the Adria II chairs in use at The Glad Café in Glasgow and The Mash House in Edinburgh below:

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