That was the year that was!

So we’re finishing the year with more ups and downs than a puppy on a trampoline! Fab to have had some celebrations with plenty of awards news to cheer our spirits including quite a few HairClubLive members!  The latest (and the last perhaps) was the Fellowship for British Hairdressing last weekend, who managed to conjure up a real party atmosphere. Look out for the names you know…

An Evening with The Fellowship

Ashleigh HodgesFellowship president Ken Picton and chancellor Ashleigh Hodges have been majorly positive onscreen forces for hairdressing we say! From the outset of this year’s pandemic, Ken and Ashleigh were determined to stay connected via the small screen and have really showed up with wit and information in equal measure. Putting the Fellowship’s annual awards luncheon online with the considerable expertise of CS Media was a triumph. Working from an outside studio with some semblance of social distancing, we loved the recreation of #MrPresident’s famous bar… from where Ken has hosted many evenings in Lockdown. Ashleigh played it straight to Ken’s comic turns and we were entertained properly.  Karoliina Saunders and Anne Veck – both stalwart HairClubLive members were presented with medals as they were announced the latest Fellows with Honours – for their work with the Fellowship. YAY! Go ladies… we’re loving your passion and successes.

A party vibe

Ken Picton & Karine JacksonGuests included past Presidents Errol Douglas MBE, Bruno Marc and Karine Jackson, as well as Fellowship Project Leaders – including the newly-announced leader for Project: X, Sam Burnett of Hare and Bone.

Usually around this time of year, our Fellowship members would be coming together in a fancy ballroom somewhere on Park Lane, drinking Champagne, winning awards and celebrating as a community,” said Ken in his opening speech. “But with the ongoing challenges of social distancing, this year we’ve decided to bring the party to you instead!”

We all know this has been a difficult year for our industry,” he continued. “From salon owners and our staff to session stylists, the list goes on. But what I’ve loved is how we’ve stayed strong as a community and come together more than ever. Out of difficult situations come fresh perspectives, new ideas and most importantly, creativity – which is exactly what we’re celebrating tonight.

The 2020 Awards

Speeches, a look-back at the year’s events, thanks and jokes were dished out with a focus on the night’s awards. We’re thrilled to see many of our HairClubLive friends and premium members in there, with so many faces who we often see on our #openchairnights, too. Bravo to you all. Onwards and upwards to 2021!

Hooker & Young

Gary Hooker & Michael Young are Fellowship Hairdressers of the Year

The 2020 Award winners are:

Member of the Year: Kay Binnersley

Snapshot Image of the Year: Nestor Sanchez, HOB Academy

Lockdown Look: Sylvestre Finold, Metropolis

Men’s Image of the Year: Robert Masciave, Metropolis

Colour Image of the Year: Francesco Fontana, TONI&GUY

Fellowship Image of the Year: Errol Douglas MBE

Individual Salon of the Year: Melissa Salons

Group Salon of the Year: TONI&GUY

President’s Award: National Hair and Beauty Federation (NHBF)

Fellowship Hairdresser of the Year: Hooker & Young