Join Vivienne’s Hairdresser’s Social Club

Our lovely premium member, salon owner and social media coach Vivienne Johns is opening her doors again to her best-selling VIP 12 week social media course commencing on 18th January 2021. But you already knew this, right? What you didn’t know is that she has one brand new addition – The Hairdresser’s Social Club; an online community for like-minded ambitious hairdressers who want to take their career to the next level with the precious help of social media.

Why join?

The Hairdresser’s Social Club is a private Facebook group full of Vivienne’s social media superstars. Upon completing the VIP 12 week course, the private group will offer a lifetime of support to its members. Vivienne has created a shared space where her former students can support and encourage one another in their own social media journeys. So much needed, great idea, Viv!

Vivienne says “I am a natural networker, whenever I go on a course, I come home with a whole load of new contacts and opportunities. I realise not everyone is like that which is such a shame, attending a course is one thing but being held accountable to implement what you have learned after the course is over, is another. I have created The Hairdresser’s Social Club to offer continued support to everyone who attends my courses. Whenever there is a new Instagram feature, you can bet I will pop up in the group to make sure my members are the first to know!”

In 2021 Vivienne will also be offering the opportunity for salon owners to have one-to-one coaching and bespoke salon packages. An offer to a very limited number of salons. Vivienne will be able to work closely with salons and their teams, visiting them, offering team training and creating a whole bank of wonderful content for the salon. Sounds amazing!

The Hairdresser’s Social Club VIP 12 Week Course is now taking bookings! The course that starts on 18th January 2021 is selling fast and places are limited, so hurry up! Join and learn:

  • Vivienne’s proven methods to grow your hairdressing business through Instagram
  • how to speak directly to your dream clients
  • how to fill your appointment book with the work you love
  • how to get noticed in the industry

All these in a VIP 12 week course including The Hairdresser’s Social Club for just £449!

Don’t miss your chance; secure your place until May 2021, go to to book now! For more tips follow Vivienne at @viviennejohns_