Something new is coming

Well, what a year it has been, and a challenging one for sure! 2020 will certainly be memorable for so many reasons.  But through it all, we loved being with you in the HairClubLive community. Your resilience and ability to keep positive throughout the good and the difficult times is impressive. It was uplifting to seeing all of you interacting and getting stronger and better. Time to review together what we’ve done AND reveal our new surprise coming next in 2021.


In Lockdown, we gave over our  Instagram platform to talented artists. Each was invited to recommend to you new people to follow and be inspired by. In Autumn, our ‘Gogglebox‘ style broadcasts on IG Live gave you the opportunity to watch each other watching stuff happen! It was met with so much excitement and we couldn’t be happier.  Many brands jumped in and gifted amazing prizes for our daily, weekly and monthly competitions – high five to all taking part.


We had to freeze-frame our plans for #OpenChairNight this Summer… but we cannot wait to get back to running these live events. Once we are allowed, we’ll be bringing the traffic lights and the chair to you again. Can’t wait to be together again. HCL has grown as a community and continues to grow every day. It is all about YOU and shining a light on your talents.

New plans

The benefits of being a HCL premium member speak for themselves – remember to check the list which currently includes quite a haul of good things…

Paying membership at £49/year bags you: A subscription for Tribu-te magazine (worth £60/year); a free upgrade to Colour world VIP status for their events;  free tickets to our HCL OpenChairNight and a guaranteed spot on stage if you want it; and access to our member-only competitions. BUT THERE’S MORE TO COME….


In the New Year, we’ll be introducing you to an interactive global platform to share your film content. A real chance to shine, share and inspire with films about you, your work and your ambitions. You can post your films for all to see. There’ll be a quick and easy switch from this site to our new TV channel (a website organised like a TV station) by end of January. Don’t worry, we’ll give you plenty of notice so you can plan films to submit to us for posting on the channel. Take note, only paying members who are up to date with their subs will be allowed to post.

We know you all love a great tutorial, Insta Reels, Lives and videos packed with knowledge and hair work. The main focus of this new platform is to showcase your talents via films and videos. Your subscription fee will remain the same at £49 per year or £5 per month and you will get all of the benefits you currently receive. Each and every month you will be able to  upload a film / video / Reel of your choice to share with not only the HCL community but the world of hairdressing. Cool, right?

If you have your eyes set on becoming an educator, cutting expert, colourist, social media professional or just want exposure for your salon and your work, this is the place for you! Trust us, you don’t want to miss being a part of this exciting new venture.

We are so thankful to have you as part of our community and can’t wait to introduce you to our new TV platform. Bear with us, as more news and details will be revealed soon. Let’s show the world what hairdressers are made of!