The Great British Hair Bid did it again!

On Wednesday 10th June, our premium member Darrel Starkey-Gettings hosted The 2nd Great British Hair Bid with Nicola Hamm for the second time to raise money and awareness for The Hair & Beauty Charity and it was a phenomenon!

The charity saw a 4 times increase in applications for support during lockdown. They launched a campaign on Just Giving called the Relief Fund to ask support with raising money. Darrel wanted to help so he organised a live bid on Instagram; on the first event they were able to raise a huge £2830 for The Hair & Beauty Charity. Read more about it HERE.

For the 2nd event we set a target of £1000 as we weren’t really sure if we could reach the same amount again’ Darrel explains. ‘On the day of The 2nd Great British Hair Bid, myself & Nicola Hamm went live and all the prizes were claimed again. It went crazy and was extremely well received with hundreds of people tuning in. The total raised in the end was £3170 for The Hair & Beauty Charity! Taking the total of the 2 events to £6000.’  Wow, not bad at all, guys!

‘A truly inspiring person; @darrel_of_taylors has worked tirelessly during lockdown to not only raise money for our Relief Fund but awareness of our charity. Thank you so much for all your help and to everyone who donated and bid to help raise this outstanding amount of £6000’ posted The Hair & Beauty Charity.

Darrel wants to thank all the brands and companies who donated the prizes and everyone who bid and claimed them. And guess what? They are looking into redoing it for a 3rd time later in July 2020!

That’s amazing and really inspiring, guys, keep up the good work. We will do everything we can to support you on this!